Becoming Postmodern: A Romanian Literature Survey

article by Florin Popescu (Electronic Book Review, 1999)

‘…and we dare complain that our values never enter the international circuit. Well how can they appear there if before your time comes a Proust and you’re merely imitating? Every time a great writer appears in the world, Romanians immediately cease their own explorations and begin imitating. Culture is a natural force and as such it attracts towards its gravitational field those who are weak, who are devoid of hope. To escape this omen, young cultures such as ours have to make a giant effort in order to become independent, namely starting with a violent will to be polemic towards the dominating values of the west. The final aim, the burden of all generations is to transport European art and culture our way, to the East, or at least to split it in half.’ (continue lendo)