“Foundations of the nihilism-saintliness concerning Cioran’s thoughtfulness” (Marius Cucu)

Annals of “Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, 53, 2008. 2008.

Marius Cucu, Assistant, PhD, Depart. of Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences
Faculty of History and Geography, “Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania


1. The nihilist ascending lines of the saintliness and the emotional reorientation imposed by the divine erotica
2. An open issue: the contradiction amongst the apotheosis concerning Cioran’s nihilism and the potential projection beyond Divinity and Great Inanity. Considering Cioran’s point of view, the presence of Eros within the saintliness horizon has proven an especial particularity, which determined the specific of erotica’s experience related to this dimension. Therefore, in contradistinction to most of neighbors and as concerns the saints, the experience of Eros hasn’t just involved the relative forgetfulness of ephemeral character, imposed by the temporality dynamics, where the forgetfulness was determined by means of opening and instantaneous losing within the horizon of other human beings. On the contrary, one might talk about a reorientation of the emotional energy and of the erotica’s potential towards the single presence, known by saints as absolute, meaning that of Divinity. Such a reorientation imposes not only forgetting thetime’s consequences, but also detaching from this, within the extra-temporal projection and towards the absolute Creature; this projection has also been supported by rejecting all valences and options of the world. In this way, as concerns Cioran’s point of view, the saintliness represents the heart’s genius feature, where spirits came within are the accomplished explorers of it, those that reached to and used infinite resources, so as to reject the world’s judiciousness and completely devote themselves to the ecstasy of Everlastingness.

Keywords: the temporality dynamics, Eros, emotional energy, extra-temporal, nihilism.