“Emil Cioran – Metaphysics of Transylvanian melancholy” (Tomáš Vašut)

Diversité et Identité Culturelle en Europe. 93, no. III, 2008: Interculturalité, Altérité, Créativité.

The basis of this study is the philosophy of Emil Cioran, of whose works I will refer to The Twilight of Thoughts, his last book written in Romanian. The reason for such a choice is that virtually all the most important philosophical motifs, constantly present in his later French publications that deal more thouroughly with the specific issues and from differing standpoints, are to be found in it. A second reason is its linguistic status: the book under discussion allows us directly to examine Cioran’s original text written in Romanian; considering that Romanian has a notably more flexible word order than French, the philosopher’s individual style is more evident in his native tongue. Because of the necessary limitations of space, the study is founded primarily upon this work,  though as a supplement the Romanian translation of A short history of decay (originally written in French) is cited.