“Post-coal prom queen: Romania’s lost lands – in pictures” (Ioana Cîrlig)

The Guardian, 25 Apr 2019

Ioana Cîrlig captures life in the towns of Romania that were heavily industrialised under communism, but have been left adrift after the 1989 revolution and the transition to a market economy

Photo: Ioana Cîrlig ©

These towns, which thrived under communism, have been dramatically impacted by the country’s transition to capitalism.

Photo: Ioana Cîrlig ©

This is the last factory still functioning in the Gura Barza-Criscior area, a former gold mining region. Some 1,200 people used to work here. In 2012, the factory had 120 workers.

Photo: Ioana Cîrlig ©


A junior prom queen in Petrila, a coal mining town. The name of the town derives from the Latin word “petrinus” (“pietros” in Romanian), meaning “of stone”, a reference to the large coal deposits in the area.

Photo: Ioana Cîrlig ©

A deer searches cupboards in the Kovary family’s kitchen in Copșa Mică in 2010.

Full article here.

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