When the solitude is intensified to the point of constituting not so much our datum as our sole faith, we cease to be integral with the whole: heretics of existence, we are banished from the community of the living, whose sole virtue is to wait, gasping, for something which is not death. CIORAN, A Short History of Decay

And this: “My name is [John Doe] and I’m talking about a new way to generate quick traffic and sales in ANY niche with ZERO video/website creation, ZERO paid advertising/SEO…”

I have lost the count, and have gotten sick and tired of receiving “business” proposals for a wholeheartedly dilettante website, namely this Portal E.M.Cioran. Have received so many, just ignored, will keep on receiving them (pointless). Quousque eadem?

What has gotten into people? Why does everything have to be about business, making profit, gaining “competitive advantage”? Sales? What am I gonna sell? Despair? Disorientation? Lessons on nothingness? And some still say Cioran was a “sophist”.

Future prospectors, just miss me! There is no potential client here for you. This website is doing just fine (ever growing), amateur as it is, has never needed any professional marketing coaching or whatsoever lessons, and will not need them for the future. Just give up: it’s an eternal No! Nein! Nu! Niet! Não!

What is worse: there I see a contact message notification, get all jumpy, think it’s a visitor, interested in Cioran and related themes: sheer disappointment. In fact, there is one good thing about all this: it confirms me in my anthropological pessimism… (feeling a bit like the Ghost of Canterville in presence of the Otis family)

Learn a lesson: this website says “CIORAN”. Cioran, in Romanian, means not for sale, not a business, not a “consumable good”.

Publicado por:Portal E.M.Cioran/Br

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