What could be more fearful in the eyes of this old Mongolian lady? A disease or a talking drone?


« Heureux tous ceux qui, nés avant la Science, avaient le privilège de mourir dès leur première maladie ! »

“Fortunate those who, born before Science, were privileged to die of their first disease!”

Écartèlement / Drawn & Quartered

“We were created to vegetate, to prosper in inertia, and not to destroy ourselves by speed, and by hygiene, the cause of the proliferation of these bodiless and aseptic beings, of this swarm of specters where everything fidgets and nothing lives. A certain proportion of dirt being indispensable to the organism (physiology and filth are interchangeable terms), the prospect of a worldwide cleanliness inspires a legitimate qualm. We would be better off, verminous and serene, if we had kept company with the animals, wallowing beside them for millennia to come, breathing the smell of the stable rather than that of the laboratories, dying of our diseases and not of our remedies, circling round our Void and gradually sinking into it. For absence, which should have been a duty and an obsession, we have substituted the event; and every event encroaches upon us, devours us, since it occurs at the cost of our equilibrium, our duration. The more our future shrivels, the more we let ourselves sink into what is destroying us. Our drug civilization has so intoxicated us that our attachment to it offers all the characteristics of an addiction, a mixture of ecstasy and execration. In its present form, it will finish us off, no doubt about that; as for renouncing it, freeing ourselves from it, we can do no such thing – today less than ever. Who would fly to our aid and deliver us?”

La chute dans le temps / The Fall into Time

« Le pays dont je rêve: la Mongolie-Extérieure – où il y a plus de chevaux que d’hommes (et où les enfants apprennent à monter à cheval avant de savoir marcher). »

“The country I dream of: Outter Mongolia – where there are more horses than men (and where children learn how to ride horses before they are able to walk).”

Cahiers : 1957-1972


“Watch Drones Scold Civilians for Not Wearing Masks in China” (Chas Danner)

New York Magazine, Jan. 31 2020

Some in China have been using drones to publicly scold people walking around outside without wearing a face mask amid the country’s growing coronavirus outbreak. On Friday, the English-language version of the Global Times — a publication controlled by China’s ruling Communist Party — passed along some footage of the drone warnings after they were shared on China’s popular Weibo social network. In the viral video, residents of a village in Inner Mongolia are startled when they hear a disembodied voice from a hovering drone admonishing them for not wearing face masks outside.

“Yes, Auntie, this is the drone speaking to you — you shouldn’t walk about without wearing a mask,” the voice announces to an elderly woman.

In another segment, the drone warns a small boy, “The coronavirus is very serious — Run!” (He then does — away from the drone.)

Noted the Global Times report, “The innovative usage of drones has cheered up Chinese netizens who have not been able to indulge in outdoor entertainment events this [Lunar New Year Holiday] because of the coronavirus.” Other viral videos shared online have shown quarantined residents playing table tennis inside cramped apartments or fishing in their home aquariums… [+]

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