Cioran sobre María Zambrano

Extraído del documental “María Zambrano, la humanista indignada”, sobre la escritora y pensadora malagueña María Zambrano (1904-1991), realizado en 1991 y emitido en TVE con motivo del centenario de su nacimiento. Se recogen testimonios sobre anécdotas y vivencias de Zambrano narrados por amigos con los que compartió días en España, México, Cuba, Francia, Itali y Suiza: Octavio Paz, Emil Cioran Francisco Giner de los Ríos, Rosa Chacel, José Luis Aranguren, Sergio Pitol, Marisa Paredes o Fernando Savater, entre otros. (Emitido originalmente en TVE el 27 de abril de 2004)


Audiovisual: Cioran by Jean-Paul Enthoven

Emil Michel Cioran was born in 1911 in Austria-Hungary (currently Romania) and died in Paris in 1995. When he was a very young, tormented, teenage insomniac, he became interested in the respective philosophies of Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Dostoïevski and Schopenhauer. In 1932, he obtained a degree in philosophy from the University of Bucharest; he wrote his thesis on Henri Bergson. In 1934 he published his first real essay, which carried the provocative title On the Heights of Despair. Cioran settled in Paris in 1939. An established writer in his country, his fame took off in France in 1949, with the release of his first book written in French, A Short History of Decay.

A fan of aphorisms and provocation, an ascetic and a humourist, a cheerful man writing dark books, Cioran wanted to destroy all ideologies and all philosophical ways of thinking. He refused any tributes or prizes that came his way. He lived in poor conditions in the Latin Quarter, surrounded by friends such as Ionesco, Mircea Eliade, Samuel Beckett, and Gabriel Matzneff, and he refused interviews, or sent friends in his place to present his works – as was the case here with publisher Jean-Paul Enthoven. He continued to write, in French, books marked by pessimism and a heavy dose of scepticism: The Trouble With Being Born (1973), Anathemas and Admirations (1987).

Summary : Publisher Jean-Paul Enthoven paints the portrait of Romanian philosopher Cioran.

Media type : Vidéo

Broadcast date : 13 février 1987

Source : France 2 (Collection: Apostrophes )

Personnalité(s) : Emil Michel Cioran Jean-Paul Enthoven Denis Diderot Stéphane Mallarmé Bernard Pivot Philippe Sollers Chamfort Gabriel Matzneff Soren Kierkegaard Arthur Schopenhauer

Themes : Literature Novels

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Documentário: “O Apocalipse segundo Cioran”

O Apocalipse segundo Cioran (“Apocalipsa dupa Cioran”, 1995) – documentário dividido em 6 partes
Direção: Sorin Ilieşiu
Narração e entrevistas: Gabriel Liiceanu
Tradução/legendas: Mihaela Mihăilă & Rodrigo Menezes