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“A sketch of Lucian Blaga’s Philosophy” (Geo Savulescu)

Abstract: I will try to present a sketch of Lucian Blaga’s philosophy which will contain both the theory of knowledge and the theory of the unconscious. I will concentrate my study on the approximately 1000 pages from The Trilogy of Culture and The Trilogy of Knowledge. I would like to limit myself to these two trilogies, which represent the core, the center of the Blaga philosophy. In the Dogmatic Aeon, published in 1931, the Luciferian Knowledge, published in 1933, in The Transcendental Censorship, published in 1934, in Horizon and Style, published in 1935, as well as in The Genesis of the Metaphor and the Meaning of Culture published in 1937, the key notion is Mystery.

Another key notion for the understanding of Blaga’s philosophy first appears well defined in Horizon and Style. It is the notion of style as unconscious. It is notable that Lucian Blaga wanted, from the beginning, for the notion of the unconscious to not have a direct link to psychology, becoming a philosophical concept. In The Trilogy of Knowledge one can sense in the subtext the thinking of an unconscious domain, which he evidently needed, but which was probably not yet well structured in its new form, liberated from psychology, or in any case liberated from psychoanalysis. Moreover, in The Genesis of the Metaphor and the Meaning of Culture he speaks more about transcendental censorship, and in my opinion, more consistently, more credible, than in the entire chapter with the same title from the Trilogy of Knowledge, text which has a poetical beauty in its metaphysical display.

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